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Danielle Monaro

Who are you and what significant contributions have you made to the organization?
Danielle Monaro, and I was the President of Chappell Players for 2 years. I was in many shows including Dracula and Cabaret where I played lead roles. 
How was the transition from college to the real world? How was life after graduation? 
I interned at Z100 during my Junior year at St. Johns. I was able to secure a job there after graduation and have been here for almost 28 years. I was very blessed and lucky to get a job right after I graduated. 
Did being involved in the Chappell Players prepare you for life after college? How so?
Yes!!! Being part of a huge organization helps when you are out in the real world. It helps you deal with different personalities and work as a team.  Of course, being in a theatre group helped me with my radio career as well. Being in front of people etc. 


Danielle now works on the popular radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!

What is your favorite CPTG memory or performance?
I have so many amazing memories from my Chappell Player time. It's hard to pick one favorite. My favorite performance is probably when I played Sally in Cabaret. It was my senior year and was an amazing role to play. 

Have you been able to remain involved with theatre as much as you hoped/wanted?
Not as much as I hoped. I did sing in a group for a bit after college but with my schedule it's tough.
Do you have any advice for Chappell Players going through college or those who have recently graduated?
Try and intern at a place you want to end up… or at least in a place that makes you happy.  

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