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Alyssa DiNetta 

As featured in the July 2023 newsletter

- Who are you and what significant contributions have you made to the organization? 

I am Allyssa DiNetta and I was involved with Chappell Players from 2013 to 2017. I performed in their staged reading Man of all seasons and a couple of other shows. I also helped to do sound, spotlight and assistant choreographer for a production.  

- How was the transition from college to the real world? How was life after graduation? 

It was fine. I did gig work as a freelance videographer for a while. I changed what I wanted to do and now I am back in school getting my MBA with a concentration in Healthcare administration. 
- Did being involved in the Chappell Players prepare you for life after college? How so? 

I learned how to work with a team to achieve something great.  

- What is your favorite CPTG memory or performance? 

I think my favorite show was Miscast annual 17th Cabaret for Charity. The premise was the cast all switched bodies but did the same performance. So, boys sang the girl's songs and girls sang the boy's songs. I played the angry stage manager and it was a lot of fun. My favorite part was singing back up to I Put A Spell On You from Hocus Pocus. I got to have a lot of fun witch cackling in that. 

- Have you been able to remain involved with theatre as much as you hoped/wanted? 

Yes, I have leaned toward more nontraditional routes such as doing rocky horror, performing in Renascence fair, and aerial hoop performance. I even did a paid gig called last fall called Revisionist. It is like a walking play and I've been asked back so I plan to do it again. I am also appearing in one soon in July.  

- Do you have any advice for Chappell Players going through college or those who have recently graduated?
You never know where life will take you and it’s best to never be too rigid because you never know what might happen. Also, do what makes you happy.

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